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Sinotruk's latest advancement on engine technology

Hydrogen fuel cell truck,   burn without an internal combustion engine.

In fact, we can see from the name that, essentially, it's just a battery. As we all know, the chemical reaction of the fuel releases energy, but the fuel cell releases electricity instead of heat.

So, the same principle, methane fuel cells, methanol fuel cells... It's just a little more fuel efficient than a normal battery.

氢燃料电池车 没有内燃机 也不会燃烧

The battery gives power to the motor, the motor drives the drive system, the wheels, and eventually the vehicle, which is the power system of the hydrogen fuel cell car, and there is no engine.

The hydrogen is placed in the anode of the battery, oxygen is placed in the cathode of the battery, and a chemical connection is used in the center. The reaction occurs when the two do not have to be burned. If you don't believe me, just click on video below. (make an explanation: all the video ads in the truck house are not voluntary. Don't blame us.)

Compared to the average electric car, it is barely in battery system differences, so the factors that limit the development of the current is the production and storage of hydrogen, rather than"engine". Hydrogen engines do exist, by the way, but when you talk about hydrogen fuel cell cars, there is no engine.

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